Garden Cures For Acne

Nature’s pharmacy is the one that we should all try and use as far as possible – Mother Nature is extremely clever and has provided all the cures to the ailments that we suffer from in a simple, easy format.

Research is showing that we should be relying on whole foods rather than supplements or extracts if we want health and vitality. Nature also has curative options that work better than synthetic ones.

Take salycilic acid, for example, this is what aspirin emulates and what naturally occurs in white willow bark.

Research has shown that the latter is just as effective as aspirin but that, because of the natural compound it is in, it is safe for the stomach.

Examples like this abound so don’t you think it is about time to rethink your acne treatment program now?

Let us start off with something that is easy to lay our hands on – aniseseed. The seeds are what you really want here – make one cup of tea to drink and one cup to use on your face.

After a few weeks, you can expect to see less in terms of breakouts and greasy skin and your pores will look more refined.

Calendula is another winner – this is really nature’s balm. Use a lotion made up by boiling the petals or get oil of calendula to reduce scarring and clear skin. Fight body acne now, go to

Chamomile or Rose are great soothing treatments to take the redness out of a spot and to reduce the inflammation overall. They also promote healing.

Lucerne is a staple for those with acne. Sprout the seeds for a nutritious snack. Eat the young leaves in salads or make a tea to drink and to wash the face.

Yarrow is a brilliant astringent and yarrow tea can be used in place of a toner. (This tea should not be drunk, however, as it can be toxic if ingested over a prolonged period.)

Last but not least are the anti-oxidant power houses that we call fruits and vegetables. These are nature’s own health foods and are designed to be eaten as is. They are a one stop vitamin stop.